Girls Power Foozball Academy

Yeah, you just found us online, we are managing Girls Power Foozball Academy..

Welcome to the Worst Foozball Team in town!


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Real life table soccer


Our Foozball Rules 101

We just heard about different type of regulations across the world about how to play foozball.

We play only foozball freestyle. We are an open minded, friendly foozball academy where we don’t care about the current background of the players.  Usually we are looking for amateurs/beginners to help them to grow, to be able to compete anywhere in the world:)

Don’t be afraid to try foozball with us! You are free to roll, stop the ball, pass the ball between players, you can do whatever you are able to do:) We strongly believe foozball is not about winning or losing but to socialize in offline/real life, and to meet/chat with funny/interesting open minded people and to have fun!

Don’t compete, cooperate! 🙂

Girls Power Foozball Academy


Workshop for Dummies 404

Congratulations! You just found the worst foozball team in town! Our Foozball Workshop for Dummies is good for nothing except chatting and to have fun:) Click on the subscription page and add yourself to the mailing list.

Everyday is holiday!

Lets roll,


Girls Power Foozball Academy


Put some lipstick on their mouth!

Put some lipstick on their mouth!

Put some lipstick on their mouth!

Put some lipstick on their mouth!

Oh, fuck! No, its foozball!

Foozball Songs




Natural Born Players

 Official list of our active teams

Girls Power Foozball Team (crew 10)

Flying Panthers FT (crew 2)

Supermodels Core Team (crew 10)

Best F*ckers Foozball Team (crew 2)

Papertigers FT (crew 2)

Három nővérek (crew 2)

Shell Team (Crew 2)


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